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My name is Hollie Harrison, the Founder and Owner of Cryo Clinic. It is my desire to offer you an amazing treatment called Cryotherapy. Cryo Clinic is dedicated to helping you meet your goals for better health, quicker recovery, and overall wellness.

A little about my story…After having my 5th child, I was jogging one morning and injured my knee. As a result, I was in a lot of pain and unable to maintain my day-to-day activities. For several months I dealt with the pain. Finally, I realized something had to be done. After exploring my options for recovery, surgery seemed to be my only choice…and this mom of 5 had no time for that. That is when I started looking for an alternative solution to help me deal with my injury and pain. Thankfully, I discovered Cryotherapy.

For me, in 5 sessions of Cryotherapy, I had regained 100% of my physical activity and was pain free. After completing 12 sessions, it aided me in losing the last 6 lbs. of weight I still had after having my 5th baby. Feeling energized, refreshed, and younger after each session, I knew Cryotherapy would be a part of my life and began the plans to start my first Cryo Clinic in Flower Mound, TX. I am so excited to meet you, hear your story and see how your life will be impacted too.

Hollie2Hollie Harrison
Founder/Owner, Cryo Clinic

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